Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Awesome photography camera bag for travel

Please note: You can get a discount for any of their gear, not just this case, and the discount code is at the bottom of this story.

I recently traveled to Dubai with my friend Ben Willmore and as I lugged my beloved Lowe Pro Trekker backpack loaded with cameras and carried a briefcase through the airports, I watched Ben casually rolling his Think Tank Photo Airport roller case. As I asked about it, he showed me this wonderful camera case. First, it holds a lot of gear AND the laptop. My Photo Trekker carries the laptop as well...but on my back. The Lowe Pro is an amazing camera backpack and when I am wandering the wilds there is no better choice in my opinion, but for air travel I have formed a new opinion and am ordering the Think Tank camera case for air travel.

Here is the seller in my opinion: you can lock the zippers to prevent opening the case. Of course you can do that with other cases, but this case comes with a security cable and lock that is built into the case to secure the laptop and another cable hooked to the frame that allows you to secure the case to any object.

While travelling with Ben we visited an airport lounge and he cabled it right to the chair before we went to get some food. He also mentioned that he has secured it to the toilet if he needs to leave the room for long. Here's a horror story: A friend I will leave nameless was teaching a workshop in Miami's South Beach. When the group was done shooting, they returned to their rooms and dropped gear before meeting for dinner. Upon returning to his room after dinner, my instructor friends camera bag and laptop were missing from the room. The room had not been broken into, rather someone let them in. Hmmm.

I contacted Think Tank Photo and told them I would be blogging about the bag and they gave me a discount code. If you want any of the gear and it is over $50 purchase price, use this code WS-151 and they will throw in another small bag of your choice. Camera security...priceless!


shiv said...

i just got myself a tamrac cyberback 8,while i was shopping i saw a simliar bag,which was a lowepro backpack,but had wheels,so it served a similiar purpose,check that out...!

Brannanmeister said...

Thanks for the comments on the Think Tank bags. We recently picked up the Airport International and this is proving to be a great bag. Maybe too good. We can pack so much stuff into this we are always fighting with the airlines to carry it on due to the weight. This has prompted us to order the Ultralight backpack to help even out the weight. We have several of the Lowepro bags, both photo and regular backpacking and they are great for carrying things over a long period of time or for extended distances. We used the Lowepro Dry Rover to climb Kilimanjaro and on safari in the Serengeti. It proved to be a good choice both for comfort as well as protection of the equipment against dust, dirt, and damage. The current choice for the Ultralight was based on the quality of the Airport International and the fact that the specs on the Ultralight put it at about 2-3 pounds. (Great for saving weight on the plane.) Thanks again for securing the discount code. Based on this they are sending a lens changer bag free.