Friday, May 2, 2008

Greetings from Dubai

Certainly you have heard about Dubai and possibly you have visited or even live here. It is an amazing and very interesting country. I am here for the 3rd time, teaching at Gulf Photo Plus along with a distinguished cast of other accomplished photographers such as; Joe McNally (nicest guy in the world. National Geo/Life); Chase Jarvis and his team (another nicest guy in the world and advertising photographer/Seattle); Bobbi Lane (master portraitist and commercial photo goddess); David Hobby (photojournalist, lighting and flash genius,; Ben Willmore (best Photoshop instructor in the world); David Nightengale ( and awesome HDR master); Robin Nichols (Austrailia/publishing icon of photo magazines); Jack Piccone (globe trotting, camera toting road warrior and Brit living in Bangkok); Chris Hurtt (San Fran and rapidly rising star); Drew Gardner (an amazing shooter and very funny Brit with amazing work. Google him!); and Manus Van Dyke (South African wildlife photographer. Looking for a photo safari?).

We are all here, halfway through our week of teaching and educating photographers from all over the middle east region. It's an amazing place and the people are wonderful! Booming economy, high rise buildings under construction and sprouting up everywhere. The most expensive hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab is here and we enjoyed a cocktail on the top floor last night. The cost I understand starts at $2500 per night. Motel $6000?

Traffic is a bit of an issue and the air is full of a haze, some natural and some man made and the temperature is arising. For us westerners from more temperate zones, it is dang hot, sticky, and steamy. But it is a great place to visit for a while.


bobbilane said...

Hey, who's the cute chick on the camel? Could it be the "Mistress of Light"? Charlie, glad to see you up and blogging, and I look forward to your posts. Have fun!

Charlie Borland said...

Some hot redhead I met in the desert. She was in some camel caravan with a band of Tuaregs on their way to Timbuktu. They stopped to water their camels at our desert oasis where I and friends were guests of the local tribal chieftan. He invited them to stay as guests for the night and we had a great time as we feasted and watched the lovely belly dancers with this band of desert nomads. It's cool! $59 for the evening. Want their phone number!