Friday, May 30, 2008

Photographing Simple Business Portraits

There is a lot of work out there for photographing business portraits. In fact it seems in this economy that there is more portrait work than everything else combined. Each photographer has there own techniques for lighting and mine has certainly evolved. My portrait training came from schooling at Brooks Institute and the portrait program there was very classical. Rigid poses and lots of light.

When it comes to business portraits today, the look is different and I have evolved my lighting style as such. This portrait is your basic business head shot. The client will post these on their site, maybe a brochure, or email a file to a publication. When shooting this type of portrait you may be asked to shoot one person or the staff, but rarely do I have or need more than 10 minutes for a portrait like this.

I like the look I get with two lights: a large light box, reflector panel, and background light. Simple! You just have to make sure that the lights are balanced meaning one is not to much brighter than the other causing the eye to get confused. The star of the photo is the businessman, so he needs to be the brightest with the background being a supporting light.

Take My Class: Photographing Simple Business Portraits

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Joe said...

Charlie, blog is looking great!Good to see you online! Looks like you've been travelling all over the place and keeping busy. I hope all is well.


Charlie Borland said...

Hi Joe-

Yep, always trying to stay busy and having fun with blogging. I hope you are doing well also.

Take Care