Thursday, June 12, 2008

Photographing Hollywood Stars

I am not actually a photographer to the Hollywood stars, but am thrilled to see a beautiful young woman I used as a model 10 years has made it in Hollywood. Katee Sackoff, who went to high school in a Portland suburb, was a model I used several times for stock photo shoots using teens. She is now the leading star on Battlestar Gallactica and rumor is she is heading for Nip Tuck in the fall.

Katee was wrapping up high school when I used her and several friends to do a stock photo shoot that was based on the concept of teens and teen life. We shot them hanging out, in the city, on the phone, and a ton more.

I also built a set in the studio to look like a bedroom and you can see that here in this shot. Why build a set? Because most real bedrooms in most homes are small and barely have room to light the way i like as well as the depth of the set allows better depth of field. Here you can see the rear wall is out of focus because the distance is there when shooting wide open to give that look. This was a great setup to photograph her and her friends being teens and my stock agency loved the shots.

Congratulations Katee!

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monkeyinabox said...

That's pretty cool. One of the reasons I look back in old school yearbooks every now and then to see if anyone else "made it big".

Sackoff also appeared in the Bionic Woman remake that was out last fall, but got cut short due to the writers strike.