Monday, July 14, 2008

Stock photographs exists everywhere!

It was my buddies birthday on Saturday and his wife threw a big party: it was Casino Night. They rented all the stuff to throw a gambling party, ordered a big barrel of beer, and lots of fabulous snacks. It was a great time!

As a pro shooter, I am always on the lookout for a great stock shot when out and about with my pro gear and as such, I am working. After work I never touched a camera no matter where I was. But since I bought the Nikon Coolpix P5100 last spring after teaching alongside Joe McNally, David Hobby, Chase Jarvis, Bobbi Lane, and other fabulous folks, I carry it with me everywhere and it has opened my eyes to looking for everyday snaps of life around me.

Stock photography has transitioned immensely since I got into it 30 years ago and today's look is a lot more like snapshots. Less stylized, less setup, and more real people doing real things. So having a camera that fits in the pocket and is 12 mega pixels makes the whole approach to stock a different animal.

My nephews birthday is coming up and he'll have a cake and blow out the candles. I shot a big production of this exact subject years ago. It was a major production, but I believe in today's stock photo market the happy snap from the family party will sell better. 10 mega pixels is about the minimum for today's agencies, so the Coolpix produces just enough resolution for a marketable images.

Back at casino night, I lost all my money (Monopoly) as usual, but got a few nice shots of the food and gambling.

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