Sunday, October 26, 2008

Photograph Old Cars in HDR

I was teaching a workshop in Colorado a few weeks ago with my friend Lewis Kemper and one of our more popular stops is Silverton, Colorado. It is a historic old mining town that is now a popular tourist and ski town. It still has the old boardwalks, historic, and rustic charm as if still in the old west. Many of the old buildings are renovated and quite historic looking, but what makes Silverton a great town to shoot is the buildings that have not been renovated and all the old cars and trucks and mining equipment that are fun to shoot.Here is the front of an old tow truck that is parked next to an old garage. I have shot this old rig previously and this time I used my Canon 15mm fisheye in close and then bracketed for the HDR process. This old truck has been painted several times and the layers of paint are flaking off and then when HDR'ing it, it really saturates each layer. There were plenty of powerlines in the sky right behind it so I cloned those out. It's fun stuff to shoot, so go shoot something just for the fun of it!

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