Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Photography update

I just got an email from Dr. Audri Lanford, who interviewed me
awhile back for her "7 Photography Questions" podcast.
You may have heard all the buzz in the last couple of weeks
about Audri's new product called Halloween Photography

It's an interview Audri hosted with master child photographer
Vik Orenstein that's guaranteed to let you capture amazing
photographs of your kids this Halloween.

Since Halloween photography is a photography nightmare, 97% of
parents will be SO disappointed with their Halloween
photographs this year. But now you don't need to be one of

I highly recommend you check out Halloween Photography
Secrets. It becomes available today, Friday October 24th, at
3:00pm Eastern.

One warning though, you better do this quickly. Audri has a
long history of making limited offers that sell out quickly,
and there is a bonus for the first 25 people to order you
definitely don't want to miss..
Now I don't want to sound overly dramatic, but it is probably
a very good idea to be sitting at your computer and ready to
go right when she launches. I'd be shocked if this bonus
didn't sell out VERY quickly...

In addition, by ordering Halloween Photography Secrets today
you'll have plenty of time over the weekend to start having
fun using the tips Vik reveals.

These tips don't only apply to Halloween, by the way. They
are invaluable for many other occasions as well. Here's what a
mother of three and a father of one had to say:

"What a wonderful interview. For years I've been
hopelessly frustrated with my family's Halloween
pictures. From kids who don't want to cooperate to a
camera that seems to do everything but what I want, I'd
learned to dread the entire picture-taking process.

"This interview was a lifesaver. Now I can capture my
family's Halloween memories in wonderful photographs
without pulling my hair out in the process. Thank you so
much. I'll be putting these tips to use for other
holidays too!"

- Jamie Dale, Milwaukee WI


"What a sigh of relief, with the hectic days before
Halloween approaching fast, this information was just
what I needed. This year I'm not going to fight with my
toddler to get him to take a good picture.

"I've already used Vik's advice and brought out the
stickers, and played one of the games she suggested. And
it WORKS, no more mugshot pictures of my son. I have to
say as a father with little to no camera experience,
these tips and tricks make taking Halloween Pictures a

- Sammy Cain, Fayetteville, NC

Oh... one more thing: Audri is going to have a rock-solid
guarantee for Halloween Photography Secrets: she called it the
"Rock-Solid, No-Questions, No-Quibble, Better Than 100% Money
Back Guarantee." It says "you'll take great Halloween
photographs of your kids, or we'll send your money back."

So it is definitely in your best interest to sign up early and
try it out.

IMPORTANT: If you go to this page and you don't see this

"Who Else Wants to Take Amazing Photographs of Their Kids
This Halloween?"

Be sure to REFRESH this page after 3:00pm Eastern, because
it means the launch hasn't gone live yet.

Here is the link again:

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