Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Lucious Colors of Mexico

With the recent crash in the economy and plummeting fuel prices, the airlines and travel agents are scrambling to fill seats and sell vacations. My wife and I decided to take advantage of a last minute incredible deal from Orbitz and headed for Mexico. Although our primary purpose was to take advantage of a lull in assignments and workshops and snorkel and explore. But as a photographer, I can only have fun for so long before I need to shoot some picture.

I took along the Nikon P5100 and did some exploring through the neighborhoods grabbing some great doors and signs. The colors of Mexico are amazing and I could not get enough. I then played in PS with these and this top image was easy. I just darkened the area under the door and sidewalk some because that was the brightest part of the scene and I wanted it to be all about the door.

The Coke sign blew me away. Because it was under an overhang, I needed to lighten the top half some to even it out, straighten it with the lens correction tool, add some saturation, and then a High Pass effect set to 5.

This image of the second door are two images merged with Photomerge. The P5100 could not get in any of the roof when I framed the foreground, so I shot the straight shot and then lifted the camera slightly for some roof, then merged them. I retouched the wall imperfections and then added some saturation and a High Pass set at 5.

The guitars were adjusted first by a lighten layer mask to even out the lighting which was flat and overhead. Then saturation was added.

The items on the green wall were in the market and here again, I added saturation and then a High Pass, which really made it pop and lowered general contrast.

Mexico is amazing and a really fun place to shoot.

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oaxacadoc said...

Hey Charlie, if you want a great place for photography in Mexico, you really should come visit down here in Oaxaca -- we have it all with Gueleguetza (traditional dances from all regions of Oaxaca lasting 2 days in July), Day of the Dead, Holy Week, Night of the Radishes (I kid you not -- it's coming up on Dec 23), and fiestas for the patron saint of every town or village. We have mountains and valleys, temperate, subtropical, ocean....we have prehispanic ruins and colonial architecture...we have black pottery and alebrijes (the peter maxx like painted figures inspired by the local magic mushrooms) and weavings...Loads of color to capture. Come on down and visit.
aka Oaxacadoc