Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More thoughts from Seth Resnicks D65 Workshop

In a previous post I mentioned that I had just taken Seth Resnicks ‘workflow, not workslow’ seminar through D65 and I am still riding high with what I learned. Efficient workflow is not just about knowing Lightroom, but understanding efficient workflow that makes the tedious aspects of managing digital assets easier. We all know someone with the latest and greatest DSLR who cant take a picture if their life depended on it. There are plenty of Lightroom experts out there as well. But how many have a very systematic and efficient workflow? Like the camera, the software is only the tool that makes your system work.

Here are a few thoughts from the seminar, things that really made me think:

• In the film days, we shot assignments and delivered film to the client and were done. These days we are asked or expected to do a lot more. That may include Photoshop touchup, color correction, clipping masks, and maybe even CMYK files. You should consider adding more billable services in this new digital era. This is part of workflow.

• More megapixels are not always better! It’s how the files are processed. Apparently the CIA’s spy satellite that can read your licenses plate from space is….1 megapixel. It’s their software that makes is the magnification possible.

• We have already been hearing this, but if cd’s and DVD’s are your storage method of choice, you may wish to reconsider. According to this study they only have a 2-5 years lifespan.

• Think about other storage devices that were state-of-the-art in their time and that many
of us probably spent a bunch of money on. Syquest, Zip, Jazz, and tape. Most are gone now but the old hard drive is still here and appears to be the safest storage device still. Fortunately they are dropping in price as the storage size increases. I am daisy chaining several of them together, one for raw files and one for backup. Finished files on another drive and the LR catalog on another so that I can take it with me.

• Naming conventions are critical to maintaining an easy to use and efficient workflow. It needs to be consistent and for every single shoot and file. I am still brainstorming this as to what will work best for me. Here are some ideas:

• date_client_job 20093015_xerox_job
• client or location_job Xerox_job
• for stock: ca_yosemite_stk I am thinking I like this better than the date at the front.

• I tend to search for images by location when seeking files so the date does not help much. Fortunately Lightroom allows lots of custom options.

• Keywording is a powerful and useful tool in Lightroom. The best strategy is to think ‘global to
local’. Start with then add keywords down to the local subject. Europe> England> London> Big
Ben> Beefeater.

There is so much more I need to chew on and will post more as I recall them. And check out Seths book. It is excellent!

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kennethchen said...

Charlie !

Awesome to find your blog and find you did Seth's workshop.

See you on the webinars at d65 !