Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Lomography Effect

If you Google Grunge Photography or Lomography or HDR you will get millions of hits and each of them will provide a different explanation of what each of these techniques look like. Over time I have done that to see what 'looks' I like from the various sources and recently it was the Lomography look I want to play with.

What is Lomography? Who is Lomogra(pher) or Lomo or....who? A search on Wikipedia will provide you an answer and basically there is no person which this technique is named for, rather it's Lomo LLC a Russian made camera that resembles the Holga (at least to me). It also states that Lomography was created in Austria. So who knows. But it is the look that interests me. Here is how I did it....

Wikipedia also states that Lomography is a colorful, saturated, sometimes blurry technique and that is what I wanted to play with. So I searched Lomography and found plenty of Lightroom presets that mimic the technique and the 'looks' were as varied as the entries. The preset that I chose was from Matt Kloskowski and his website Lightroom Killer Tips.

So I visited his site and sure enough he had his version of the Lomography preset and without a doubt it was coolest look out of about 20 presets I downloaded and tried. You can see here in the shot of one of my favorite guys to work with and do lots of experimenting. His name is Fletcher and he does photography himself.

So I ran the preset over the image in Lightroom and and then adjusted the color to taste ( a little less green and yellow) and then opened in Photoshop to fine a little more. I like the final look and it now is the opening page for my new website Charlie Borland.

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Bryan said...

Thanks for the link to Matt's tip sight. I've been using Lightroom for about 6 months now and I love it. I also wanted to say good job for the mention in last month's PDN. I lived in Bend for about 8 years and miss it terribly. If you need ever a full time assistant let me know.

gvaughn said...

That's a great photo, Charlie. I bet it would work with any number of techniques, but the Lomography look certainly works well.

Charlie Borland said...

Thanks for the thoughts Bryan and Greg I assume?

Greg Vaughn said...

Hi Charlie,

Yes, Greg Vaughn. I didn't have my Blogger profile set up before posting so it didn't show my whole name. Glad to have discovered your blog!