Saturday, August 1, 2009

Learn Commercial Photography on the Internet

There are many, many photographers wishing to go pro and I hear from a few and fairly often as they wish to assist me. There are more assistants wishing to assist than I could ever use. I wish I could help them all. I have been teaching on the internet for the last five years and a few location workshops each year as well, but I decided to create a professional photography training program as an option to these photographers wishing to learn on the job.

I started on it two years ago, writing, photographing, and video taping for this program and the result is a one year professional photography training program that is offered on the workshop website. This is the answer for those who cannot attend Brooks Institute or Art Center College of Design or RIT. Read nire...

It is internet based and includes downloadable lessons each week. You can learn what you need to go pro without having to move or even quit your current job. It starts with the basics of the business, basic portraiture, product, location, architecture and more. Then progresses into advanced portraits, products, adventure sports, architecture, industrial, and a whole lot more. Lessons also include marketing and self promotion, bidding on jobs, selling stock photography, and more business themes. Those who finish the program have the option of having their portfolio reviewed by an art director as part of the program.

The program starts September 9th and you can check it out here. And here is the rest of it.

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