Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Big Yellow Pipes

Industrial photography often has you looking for locations amongst ugly and filthy environments. Often clients will tell me that they want to shoot at a certain location but they have no idea what there is to photograph the subject in front of or within the surroundings.

This client led us out to a site of a natural gas facility and when I saw this yellow pipe I thought this is the spot. There was nothing else there for the most part.

Once I shot a test shot and showed it to the client she liked the shot and was convinced. Here is the setup.

I used a 70-200mm lens set at about 140mm and f/16 for max depth of field. On the right side of the camera and up close to the subject I placed a Norman 400B strobe bounced in a white, black backed umbrella on a short stand and with a sand bag for weight. The strobe filled in the shadows that would have been cast on his face from the hard hat, sort of like the shadow under the pipe.

I asked the employee to stand in there and squat down to inspect the pipe which was not something he normally does. But if he was standing it would not have worked because of his height. That would have required raising the camera which would have eliminated the cool Z shape of the yellow pipe winding through the composition.

It was real simple setup and took us about 1 hours before we headed to the next shot.

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