Monday, March 15, 2010

More HDR Fun in Anza Borrego

When I am not on assignment or doing post production on client work and can break away for more than a day, I love traveling and shooting the landscape. Then using all the cool tools and plugins for really messing up an otherwise normal image.

I shot this image in Anza Borego last year on my way back from California. Images that dont have a deadline seem to sit patiently on the hard drive until I get so board with the lack of creativity that each day seems to bring, I decide to look for an image and work on it.

Here is this Agave that I decided to shoot.

Most of the time when I am shooting simply for the joy I will bracket the +2 and -2 so I can try it in HDR with Photomatix. You never know what you will get and I like that aspect. It's the creativity that is missing from many assignments these days.

No brain surgury here, simply processed in Photomatix and Tone Mapped twice to increase the impact.

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