Tuesday, March 9, 2010

On Assignment: The Industrial Product Shot

Here is an industrial photograph of a new product release shot on location. This was toward the end of the day in 100 degree plus shooting day and everyone was worn out.

The client came in here, looked around and said she did not know what to do or how to shoot in here. It was a metal fabrication facility and very dirty with stuff everywhere. Not styled for a photo shoot.

As the photographer, you are often called on to come up with the answer, the killer shot that they want, they just don't know it.

So here is what I did. I started looking around and basically we needed a place to set up for the model to be working. The first thing I decided was to use a welding table as the platform for the model to use the product.

I shot a test shot and the background is lousy, lots of junk. I see this welding screen which is used to block the view of someone welding so someone does not look at the welding and injure their eyes.

It was blue in color so I pulled it into the scene behind the model. That blocked all the junk behind him. I took test shots and did not like the rear wall way back nor the screen, which went dark.

I placed a light way back with a colored gel and shot it at the rear wall and that added color and brought detail. For the blue welding screen I placed a light behind it and because it is blue it created a nice colorful glow. I had the model stand in front of where the light would hit the screen and he blocked the hot spot from the light.

Client loved it!

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