Saturday, March 13, 2010

Photographing Elise with the Octodome

I recently had a shoot with a young lady in the studio and wanted to achieve the soft, flat look using a large light source.

I chose to use my 7' Photoflex Octodome which a great light source if you want a large soft light quality. I have also used it for shooting large groups of people because it has such a large coverage area.

I placed the Octodome over camera and then just to the side a little to add a faint shadow next to the nose.

I then added another monolight next to the camera with diffusion material over it and to act as a fill light and had it set to -1 from the Octodome. Here is the diagram.

I then processed the image in Portrait Professional for the skin smoothing and other features that programs offers.

Here is the light setup. the two umbrellas make the background white because the power is set to +2 stops brighter than the Octodome key light.

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