Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mother Nature's Amazing Palette

It is amazing what Mother Nature provides for our cameras. I looked at this scene and wondered what was happening on Earth to make all these colorful layers?  The multitude of colors, i presume, means some specific mineral was 'spewing' all over for a while before another mineral came along. It's fascinating! Any geologists out there?

When you think of creating great compositions, scenes like this dont make it hard. There is not only lines and diagonals adding to the composition, but the horizontal layers as well. There is contrast as well but it's not lighting. Instead, I call it color contrast: a full range of colors both dark and light bring contrast to the scene. If it was converted to B+W it would have tonal contrast.

This is southern Utah due north of Page, AZ.Shot with a Canon 5D and 80-200mm lens

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