Monday, March 23, 2015

The Fabulous Colors of Mexico

Every time I have visited Mexico I am amazed at all the colors that are pretty much everywhere. Saturday we walked into Los Algadones, MX for the Gringos Go Home celebration.  I should say first, that is not what it sounds like. 

Yuma, AZ is the highest rated Snowbird destination during the North American winters and Los Algadones is right across the border from Winterhaven, CA, a mere 10 minutes from Yuma. So you can see the importance of Snowbirds to Los Algadones. 

In fact, they are so appreciative they put on the Gringos Go Home party on Saturday where there was festive music, free beer, and free food. It was great!

Los Algadones, like other locations in Mexico, is quite colorful and perfect for me and my obsession with iPhone ‘Happy Snappin.’  And as I wandered the streets I was not disappointed. That led me to this wall tucked in between street vendors.


I live for these types discoveries and the photos I create of them. The vendor next to this wall mentioned that the wall was 30 years old and handprints had been added over the years by school children. Knowing the story is great, but the wall says it all to me.

The file is from my iPhone and I then used Adobe Photoshop Mix (the app) to add contrast (make the whites whiter and darks darker) and added some saturation and slight sharpening. 

Viva Mexico!

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