Monday, April 6, 2015

Everywhere You Look There Might Be a Marketable Photo

 You might be in the business of marketing your photography and no doubt are always on the lookout for great images. Have you wondered what makes a marketable image? It is one that is strong on concept! So why would this image below be marketable? Because it exemplifies the concept of Drought, Lack of Water or Water Shortage, and more.

I was pleasantly surprised to stumble on this and it is one of the best examples of good cracked mud I  have come across. In fact it might be the best example of cracked mud I have captured and I say this due to the large cracks were and the depth they were in the mud. Better yet, you may be surprised where I found this.

It’s not in the middle of a desert wash or a canyon in Utah, but instead a storm water collection ‘system’ in Arizona. I was out for a long walk when I happened to look inside this water collection basin.
It is about the size of a football field and completely enclosed to prevent access. When the monsoon rains come the flowing water collects in here and slowly dissipates, and I guess that keeps the water from flooding streets and neighborhoods. I assume after years of collecting that water it has accumulated about 1 foot of silt or mud so when the rains stop, it dries out and created this.
I had my iPhone and stuck my hand and phone through metal fence and began clicking away and this is one of many results.  I captured various different perspectives that all used the lines flowing in various directions. I will definitely be sending this to my stock photo agent.
So the lesson is to always have a camera with you no matter what. You may just discover something unique and marketable.

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